Most employers understand the value of a robust benefits package for attracting and retaining regular full-time employees. But when it comes to intermittent workers (such as variable-hour part-time, limited-time or seasonal) or hourly full-time workers who find high-deductible major medical coverage to be too expensive, it can be a challenge to find quality benefits from a well-known carrier.

Designed to help you provide attractive benefits and affordable coverage to every type of worker your business employs, FlexWork solutions from UnitedHealthcare include a suite of medical and specialty plans for your non-benefits-eligible and benefits-eligible W-2 employees.

Nationwide coverage. More choices. Healthy for all.

The only program of its kind with most solutions available in all 50 U.S. states, FlexWork is designed to give you more ways to care for your workforce.

Industry-leading expertise

As the nation’s largest health benefits provider, UnitedHealthcare has decades of experience designing plans to promote better health and greater affordability

Large provider network

More choices than the narrow networks in some exchange plans

Simplicity and savings

Medical plans with no deductibles, first-dollar coverage and lower out-of-pocket costs; can be offered via pretax payroll deduction. Plus, dependent coverage is also available.

More ways for employees to get healthier

Health and discount programs to help employees manage their overall well-being for increased productivity and reduced absenteeism

Alternative to ACA marketplace plans

Not everyone wants or needs a high-deductible exchange plan, and Medicaid eligibility is limited

Access to specialty coverage

Option to enroll in dental, vision and financial protection plans that exchanges don’t have

Medical plans

With multiple options available, you can choose the plan that best fits your business and workforce.

FlexWork Minimum Value Plans

  • Traditional major medical coverage
  • Broadest coverage (60%+ actuarial value)
  • ACA compliance for non-variable-hour contractors
  • Highest cost
  • Fully insured, ASO and level funded options

FlexWork Limited Medical Plans

  • Limited minimum essential coverage
  • Multiple plan designs with varying Actuarial Values
  • Lower cost vs. MVP
  • ASO level funded only
  • Helps employers expand benefits rewards program

More options to enhance your plan

With these additional plans and programs, FlexWork is built to make healthy more flexible for your employees and your business.

Vision plans

From providing lower-cost access to glasses and contacts to closing critical gaps in care, vision plans enhance your employee benefits package.

Dental plans

Because improving oral health may also improve overall health, dental plans may help lower employees' medical costs, too.

Financial protection plans1

Plans like hospital indemnity, critical illness2 and accident protection are designed to give your employees additional financial security.

Additional programs and services

Round out your FlexWork package with additional benefits for your employees, as well as a specialized benefits administration program for simpler eligibility and enrollment management.

Creating a workforce that's healthier for all

Put a healthier future for your entire workforce within reach. With the intermittent workforce continuing to grow, FlexWork is built to help you offer an inclusive and flexible benefits package that gives all your employees the health benefits they're looking for.


of organizations surveyed pre-pandemic said they already relied on some type of intermittently employed worker3


of employers surveyed post-pandemic say they are actively replacing full-time workers with contingent workers to help control costs4


most requested benefit by employees is health insurance5

FlexWork is built for employees like yours

Restaurant, retail, hospitality and other non-staffing businesses

Employees eligible for coverage:

  • Non-benefits-eligible W-2 workers — Part-time, limited-time, seasonal and hourly employees
  • Benefits-eligible W-2 workers — Full-time hourly or salaried workers who opt out of your high deductible major medical health plan

Staffing businesses

Employees eligible for coverage:

  • Non-benefits-eligible W-2 workers — Variable-hour contingent contractors (<30 hours/week, non-full-time)
  • Benefits-eligible W-2 workers — Non-variable-hour contingent contractors (>30 hours/week, full-time)

To learn more or ask for a quote, contact your UnitedHealthcare representative