Advocacy that delivers for employers

Lower cost

We’ll help save you and your employees money. You may save up to 2-4%1 in medical total cost of care.

Better outcomes

We bring together the power of vast data and a broad scope of the health care system under our roof to help deliver better health outcomes for members.

Satisfied members

Personalized and consistent omnichannel support helps members get the most from their benefits and delivers a better experience.

Advocacy that delivers for employees

Proactive guidance

Our data and insights help us identify when members may make suboptimal choices, helping them avoid unnecessary costs.

Compassionate service

Knowing that someone is looking out for them in every interaction, serving with empathy and a personal touch.

Simplified experience

Because we manage multiple parts of the health care ecosystem, we can connect the dots across every touchpoint to streamline the benefits experience.

Program Highlights

Digital engagement

Our digital tools help members make better decisions, connect with relevant clinical programs and reduce their costs.

Personalized member view

Our Advocate dashboard helps us know members, find engagement opportunities, and offer faster, personalized support.

Social determinants of health

Our Advocates use integrated tools to help find resources and connect members to organizations that can help meet the needs of the whole person.

Active member intercept

We help members avoid unnecessary costs through near real-time guidance that may lead to more cost-effective choices.

Custom high need member management

We use analytics to identify families of children with complex healthcare needs to help them navigate a system that may not always be set up to support them effectively.

Third-party integration

(UHC Hub)

We help connect members to their full benefit suite, including external point solutions, with a unified telephonic and digital experience.

The right expert for any situation

One person doesn’t have all the answers. A caller’s needs are anticipated leveraging deep analytics and we connect them with the right resource from our team-based model to help quickly resolve issues and find the help they need.

Benefits Advocate

Provides plan, claims and coverage expertise with first contact resolution.

Health Advocate

Provides financial and health advocacy through claims, wellness and health management expertise.

Nurse Advocate

Provides health and clinical education, decision support, and expertise from a licensed RN.

Pharmacy Specialist

Provides end-to-end service for Rx, including formulary guidance, lower cost alternative recommendations, home delivery, and claims and benefits management.

Behavioral Specialist

Provides expertise on behavioral health including provider selection, benefits explanation, and sensitive handling of mental health needs.

Super Advocate

Provides complex issue resolution, support for longer term issues, and a focus on cost diversion (for Elite and Premier members only).

Making a Difference

We continue to invest in even better advocacy solutions, now and for the future

Complex Care Concierge program helps members find support through life’s challenges

Barb’s Story

Barb’s* high blood pressure put her at risk for diabetes. This was exacerbated by the recent deaths of her father and two sons that left her overcome with grief, unable to maintain a regular diet and skipping doctor visits.

Eli’s Story

Eli* and his provider were planning for "top" surgery (double mastectomy for female-to-male transition) and had submitted a prior authorization. The procedure initially wasn’t approved because of a missing therapist letter (a necessary part of the clinical documentation). Eli called his Transgender Benefits Specialist.

Kassidy's Story

At the age of four, Kassidy* was diagnosed with a rare condition causing muscle weakness and skeletal abnormalities. She had to rely on family to help her perform simple tasks. Her mother, Kaitlin*, recognized that a powered wheelchair would significantly improve Kassidy's quality of life and enable her to be more mobile, but the process wasn’t simple.

Advocacy you can rely on

3.5 Million

members in our enhanced advocacy products2


NPS for members in an enhanced advocacy product3


overall member satisfaction with Advocate4Me4


reduction in transfers, on average5


of clinical program enrollees are referred by Advocates4


program acceptance rate within enhanced advocacy3


increase in clinical program enrollment5


shifts of tier 3 prescriptions using PreCheck MyScript6

Guidance at every step


We guide members through enrollment, so they understand their plan and how to make it work for them to avoid unexpected costs.


Members receive a personalized experience—through incentive programs, wellness coaching, targeted health goals, and guidance to avoid financial surprises.


We coordinate needs across multiple touchpoints with both the member and providers to help ensure members receive appropriate care.


We help members understand billing, coverage, and work quickly to resolve any issues.


We walk with our members, helping them make informed choices, avoid issues, and advocate for them across their health care journeys.

Different plans for different needs


A proactive, highly-personalized experience helping members make informed choices and employers manage costs.

  • Predictive Personalization
    Robust data and technology to help guide members to the right resource.
  • Proactive Outreach
    Outbound calls and emails to educate members about their care options.
  • Improved Engagement
    Active referrals of members into appropriate clinical and wellness programs.



Increased employee engagement and a higher-touch experience, with a designated team of Advocates who are specifically trained on your company’s benefit plan and priorities.

  • Everything in Core
    All of the features from the Core plan are included.
  • Virtual Customized Care Team 
    Advocacy, wellness, and clinical teams operate as a virtually connected team for members, with Advocates’ direct extensions and voicemail available to members.
  • Expanded Advocate Role 
    Advocates offer enhanced services, including outbound call, and are empowered to engage an expert in real time.



Our most sophisticated package, with an integrated service team that includes dedicated Operations and Medical Directors, as well as clinicians who focus on quality and cost opportunities specific to your employee population.

  • Everything in Elite
    All of the features from the Elite plan are included.
  • Integrated Customized Team
    Team is integrated with Operations and Medical Directors leading real-time coordination (replaces the Elite virtual team).
  • Medical Rounds
    Clinicians conduct medical rounds to provide an escalated level of clinical engagement and oversight for acute and chronic members.
  • Actionable Insights
    Employer-specific analytics are generated daily to enable the team to actively support your employees’ care and provide them with a top-notch experience.


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