Health Action Council Solution

Millennials and their children

Significant health findings

In this sixth annual white paper, Health Action Council and UnitedHealth Group explored a range of factors and claims data from UnitedHealthcare, UMR and Optum that may impact the health of Millennials and their children. The cohort represents 126,000 individuals or 38% of Health Action Council covered lives.

Our pillars

Our collaboration with Health Action Council is inspired by employers for employers and is based on the following pillars:

Risk Mitigation

Manage the risk within your populations to achieve short- and long-term cost savings.

Consumer Experience

Give employees the best service and use group purchasing for dedicated member resources.

Financial Incentives

Help employers save money and offer credits for being a member.

Continuously Improve

Get better each year to outpace marketplace solutions.

Value of Health Action Council participation

Our holistic approach

We are committed to delivering a solution that provides the necessary resources that may help to lower costs in both the short and long term. Shown below are the potential advantages to participating with UnitedHealthcare through our Health Action Council relationship:

Best Price Guarantee

Our contract with Health Action Council includes a Best Price Guarantee which means an employer cannot get a lower price from UnitedHealthcare for like services.

Dedicated Resources

Our UnitedHealthcare solution with Health Action Council includes a dedicated Advocate4Me Elite team and clinical team.

Growth Credit

An annual Growth Credit is calculated each year based on the aggregate enrollment. In 2022, UnitedHealthcare paid more than $1.7 million in Growth Credits to Health Action Council Plan Sponsors.

Preferred Pricing

Participation includes preferred pricing for medical escalators, claims fiduciary, Real Appeal® and 2nd MD.

Loyalty Credit

The longer your tenure, the higher the Loyalty Credit. This credit is available for each three-year renewal with UnitedHealthcare.

Membership Advantages

By joining Health Action Council, your dues gain you access to advantages that go beyond this group purchasing solution. Educational sessions provide insight on current trends and relevant health care topics.

Health Action Council

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