Bringing more transparency to the price of health care

Surprise medical billing is one of the most pressing health care affordability concerns. We’re investing in tools, technologies, and platforms to increase transparency and help make it easier for consumers and physicians to manage future health care costs. That’s Active Affordability.

Helping take the guesswork out of health care pricing

Digital tools to help find the right prescriptions at the best prices

  • The MyScript Finder app helps members find the best medication at the best price based on their benefits - and may produce average savings of $40 per prescription (individual results may vary).1
  • PreCheck MyScript provides price and coverage information to physicians at the point of prescription. The tool may help members save an average of $225 per script filled (individual results may vary).2

Resources to bring more clarity to costs and avoid surprise bills

  • The Rally platform allows consumers to see the cost of care before they receive it, helping people use potentially lower-cost settings when clinically appropriate. Use of Rally may result in $330 to $400 in estimated savings per member per year.3
  • Naviguard helps guide members through the scheduling process for planned procedures. With this program, members may potentially see about 70% savings on out-of-network billed charges.4

Helping members and physicians compare price estimates

  • We provide more than 27 million members with resources to help research and compare price estimates for more than 820 services. People who use transparency tools may pay 36% less, on average, than non-users.5
  • Point of Care Assist arms providers with cost transparency information so that they can help identify potential gaps in care and better advise patients. In 2020, this tool was available to 576,000 providers and led to an estimated 30% improvement in directing consumers to lower-cost sites of care.5

1 in 5

Emergency room visits may potentially lead to a surprise medical bill.6

1 in 6

In-network hospital admissions may potentially lead to a surprise medical bill.6

More informed choices, more affordability

By making health care pricing more transparent, consumers and physicians are more empowered to make decisions that account for quality and cost, while also helping to avoid surprise bills. This means choosing a lower-cost care setting for the same services or comparing medication costs to find an option that helps meet your needs at the lowest cost available.