“We switched to a level funded plan because the savings were substantial. We got a reduced premium and have a possible refund at the end of the year.”

— UnitedHealthcare customer and small business owner

From kinda rare — to just about everywhere

Designed for savings, flexibility and stability, level funded health plans keep growing in popularity: Only 7% of businesses with 3–199 employees offered a level funded health plan in 2019 — 3 years later, 38% of them did.2

Potential ACA exemptions

Exemption from many state premium taxes and Affordable Care Act (ACA) regulations (groups 2–50 not subject to adjusted community rating)

Flexible plan design

Choice of a variety of provider networks and plan designs to best fit your budget — whether you want a plan that's similar to what you have now or something different

Financial safeguards

Stop loss protection built into your plan to cover unexpected high medical claims; your fixed monthly premium stays the same regardless of your actual claims for your plan year (like a fully insured plan)

$8,400+ surplus refund potential

Surplus refund eligibility for your health plan if medical and pharmacy claims are lower than expected; in fact, 37% of UnitedHealthcare Level Funded plan sponsors nationwide received a surplus refund for their health plan in 2022, the average of which was $8,4073

Programs and services included at no additional cost

These programs and services are designed to help plan participants access care and get and stay healthier, which may help lower medical claims costs.

UnitedHealthcare Motion

With UnitedHealthcare Motion®, participants complete certain daily fitness goals and may earn financial rewards of up to $1,095 per year.

24/7 Virtual Visits

Plan participants can connect with a provider — anytime, anywhere — for nonemergency care right from their computer or mobile device.4

$0 Kids Copays

Available with copay-based plan designs, $0 copays for kids’ primary care physician visits may help lower families’ out-of-pocket costs.5

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