Plans built for healthier Illinois businesses

Working side by side with the Illinois GOA Regional Business Association, the Community Chamber Program from UnitedHealthcare gives you members-only access to plans built for your business — with benefits you’d be proud to offer your employees and at an average savings of 25%.Lower costs and quality benefits go hand in hand with a small business health plan from UnitedHealthcare.


Small business health plans designed to give you more

Discover savings, flexibility and stability with UnitedHealthcare Level Funded health plans — built to help chamber member businesses balance the cost savings they’re looking for with benefits plan participants want.


  • Rates based on the medical claims experience of your plan participants (groups 5-50 not subject to adjusted community rating)
  • Potential for a year-end surplus refund for your health plan if plan participant medical and pharmacy claims are lower than expected2


  • Exemption from many Affordable Care Act (ACA) regulations and state insurance premium taxes
  • A variety of plan designs and provider networks to choose from


  • Fixed monthly payments, similar to a fully insured plan experience
  • Stop loss protection from unexpected high medical claims costs
  • Online tools to simplify plan management

Quality benefits for your plan participants

Large provider network

Plan participants can access a robust provider network nearby and nationwide, including 1.7M+ physicians and health care professionals and 7,000+ hospitals.3


HealthiestYou virtual care

HealthiestYou™ gives plan participants 24/7 mobile access to doctors who can diagnose, prescribe and treat nonemergency medical conditions.

Rewards for staying active

With UnitedHealthcare Motion®, participants complete certain daily fitness goals and may earn financial rewards of up to $1,095 per year.

Human resources and compliance support

Mineral™ helps you handle even the most complex issues confidently, with access to how-to guides, checklists, sample documents, best practices and more on an array of HR topics.

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